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  • Arrangements

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What to do when a loved one dies


When a loved one passes away it can come as a shock, regardless if it was expected or not. Nothing can prepare you and your family for the emotional distress of losing a loved one. It can be a difficult time to know what to do next and what steps to take.


The first step is to phone us so that we can help and guide you and your family into taking the first steps to arrange a funeral service that best reflects the life of your loved one. 

What happens first


After the initial phone call, arrangements will be made depending on where the death has occurred to transfer your loved one to our funeral home. In the case of Palliative Care, or an accident. The police will attend the home or other place of death and request a medical certificate from the doctor. If the doctor refuses to sign a “certification of death” then the loved one may be transferred to the coroner. These formalities will all be handled by us at Taverna Funerals and we will liaise with the authorities and you and your family, to take some of the burden from you. 

Where Should the Celebration be Held?

We at Taverna Funerals have a purposely built Chapel, you may choose your own Church, Halls, Football Clubs, Graveside or outdoor venue. The choice is always yours. 

Who Can I Get to Lead the Service?


A Celebrant will honour a family’s wishes and will present either a religious or non-religious gathering. A Minister or Priest will conduct a religious service and both will meet with the family to arrange what they require.

Choosing Personal Songs


Music is a very personal choice, if Hymns are required, we can organize an organist or singer.

If you are having a PowerPoint presentation you may also like to select a song that has a meaning to you and your loved one. 

Choosing Personal Poems


To personalize the celebration, consider using Verses or poem’s that have special meaning to your loved one. Bookmarks and thank you notes might be nice to have a poem or verse with your loved one’s photo. You may have a poem or verse that has special meaning to you. 

Order of Service


The service sheet contains the order of the service, and will have a Photo of your loved one on the front and some photo’s during their life on the back, we work with you to assist and print the service sheets. These may be a lasting keepsake. 

If We Want Catering?


Catering is a good time to share memories and to greet those that were at the funeral. If your loved one was a member of a club or belonged to a congregation then it might be nice to have them do the catering. We are able to cater for small groups in our own catering area. If the service is in the morning It is more likely to be a luncheon. If the service is in the afternoon, then cakes and slices may be more appropriate. Whatever the family want, can be arranged. 

Tips for a Better Eulogy


  • Gather memories with family members and then collate it all together. 
  • Type it out using 14pt type so it’s easy to read. 
  • Vary sentence length. 
  • Number the pages. 
  • Practice the eulogy aloud and time yourself. 
  • Read it to friends and family and get their feedback. 
  • Edit where necessary. 
  • If you have other readers do not duplicate what is being said in the Eulogy. 





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